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250kg x 6.0m Swing (SQ)

$8,500.00 ex. GST

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This over-braced, free standing slewing jib crane has been designed fully in accordance with Australian Standards AS1418 for lifting loads up to 250kg. The crane jib incorporates an over-brace design for a cost effective entry-level slewing jib crane, simple to operate taking up minimal floor space area using a square base plate for mounting onto existing concrete floors.

Slewing jib cranes are used in a variety of workplaces and production lines for lifting loads in and out of machinery and lifting loads up onto work benches. Slewing jib cranes are extremely versatile as they cover a large area able to lift anywhere within the crane jibs swinging radius. Crane is simple to assemble and easy to operate with 270° manual slewing rotation. Slewing Jib Crane is supplied in kit form complete with crane installation, operation and maintenance manual, making installation of crane easy and cost effective. Prolift also provides phone advice should you get stuck at any stage during the installation of your crane.

Crane specification:


  • 250kg Capacity
  • 6.0m Swing
  • 270° manual slewing
  • 3.5m to underside of Jib (U/S)
  • Square mounting base plate (Refer to Note below)
  • Crane Classification C3/M3


Crane comes complete with the following:


  • Manual girder trolley + manual chain block (Total Headroom 385mm)
  • Approval drawing for client sign off prior to manufacture.
  • Slewing jib crane certification to A.S.1418
  • Crane Installation / operation / maintenance manual
  • Indoor paint treatment – Colour ‘Harbour Blue’ or “Safety Yellow” (as standard)
  • Warning stripes on jib end, capacity signage & manufactures date plate.


PDF  youtube

Slewing jib crane options below can be found under ‘MY CART’ in grey area at top of product page. Simply click the drop down box to make your selection. Should you have specific requirements contact Prolift.

Jib length (Swing) can be decreased down to 5.6m in increments of 100mm as required.

Height (U/S Jib)
From cranes base plate to underside of the slewing jib is 3.5m as standard. Height can be decreased or increased up to 6.0m (Max) in increments of 100mm as required. ***Refer to PDF drawing to work out cranes overall height.***

Electrical hoist package includes:


  • 1 x manual girder trolley
  • 1 x 250kg (240v) 2speed electric chain hoist (Total Headroom = 505mm)


Jib Locking


  • Crane jib arm can be locked into position using a “Jib Lock”
  • Crane jib arm can be manually slewed and locked using a “Slew Handle Jib Lock”


Surface Treatment
Standard crane treatment is suitable for indoor use with colour choice of Blue or Yellow.
Should you require a specific treatment not listed below please contact Prolift.


  • Harbour Blue – suitable for outdoor use
  • Safety Yellow – suitable for outdoor use
  • Client specification colour 2 coat paint system 
  • Hot dipped galvanised (HDG)


Manufactures Data Report (MDR)
Crane is supplied with certification to AS1418 as standard. MDR is an optional extra and includes the following:


  • Inspection and test plan
  • Welding data
  • Procedure qualification records
  • Welder qualification records
  • Test records (NDT)
  • Coating inspection reports
  • Material certificates
  • Certificate of compliance




  • Slewing jib crane is manufactured to order with lead time of ≈ 4weeks Ex Works.
  • Slewing jib crane complies to Australian Standards AS1418 and Quality Standard ISO9001
  • Column of slewing jib crane has a square mounting base plate. Design is based on 180mm thick continuous horizontal (vibration free) concrete slab floor Fc=20MPa minimal With M16/25 Hilti HSL TZ anchors or equivalent. (Anchors not included)
  • It is the responsibly of the purchaser to establish that the supporting structure is of adequate strength and stability for slewing jib crane loads imposed in accordance with Australian Standards.


What happens next?
Once order is placed, we will contact you to confirm details and suitability of crane for purpose intended prior to commencement of approval drawing. Should changes be required, drawing will be revised until you are happy to approve and proceed with manufacturing of slewing jib crane.


Should you have any questions or specific requirements not listed, email your enquiry to

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Additional information

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