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408kg REMOVABLE Ute Crane

$2,650.00 ex. GST

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Mount a lightweight portable crane to your ute to effortlessly hoist heavy items onto your vehicle. Why bust your back lifting that generator onto your ute when you can easily hoist it up with this lightweight portable crane, designed for the unique needs of utes with table tops. Crane jib & pivot tube adaptor may remain permanently in place, or stowed away leaving precious tray and floor space completely clear. Crane jib & pivot tube adaptor simply slots into the surface mount plate which is bolted directly to the vehicles tray for a one person operation. Crane is made from structural aluminium and anodized for maximum corrosion resistance.

So whether you need a vehicle crane, portable crane, ute crane, truck crane, boat crane, trailer crane or workshop crane this is the assisted lifting device for you.


* Rotates 360º
* Easy to install
* One person operation
* 308kg to 408kg lifting capacity
* Portable & lightweight crane jib from 12kgs
* Quick setup, 1 minute from folded storage position
* Crane jib is anodized structural aluminium for maximum corrosion resistance.
* Mounting options for any application, use your crane anywhere you need a lift.

* Surface mount plate 5kg c/w hardware kit (Powder coated structural steel)
* Pivot tube adaptor 8.5kg (Powder coated structural steel)
* Manual brake winch 5.4 to 1 gear ratio c/w 4.5m strap & hook
* Operations, maintenance, and specifications manual
* Load test certificate



Surface mount plate
* Set up additional mounting positions for crane & pivot tube adaptor.

  Available finish – Powder coated structural steel or HD galvanised

Carry bag
* Ideal for storing & carrying your crane.
* Heavy duty reinforced waterproof polyester.

* Under body support for vehicles
* Flippable c/w speed brace.
* Recommended for loads greater than 100kgs

   Available in 2 lengths 590mm or 740mm long Flip Support leg

12volt DC electric winch c/w 4.5m Strap & hook
* C/w quick connect wiring harness to vehicles battery
* Load speed average 6.5m/min
* Hand held pendant control with 3m cable

Synthetic Rope for manual winch
* Also know as Dyneema, AMSteel and Superline with a capacity triple that of cable.
* Ideal for corrosive environments with altitude like dive boats and offshore platforms.
* Fatigue, abrasion, UV & wear resistant – non rotational

   Available lengths 6m, 15m, 24m, 30m


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