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DC-GR2/EFD HYD Drum Rotator

$9,500.00 ex. GST

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The type DC-GR2/EFD Hydraulic Drum Rotator is a
heavy-duty 205 litre Drum Lifter with hydraulic
grab/rotation ability. A 12 volt Electric Flow Diverter
is fitted for use on Forklifts with only a 3rd hydraulic
valve available. This option splits the hydraulic flow
to either the grab or rotation functions, eliminating the
requirement for the 4th hydraulic valve. To activate
the flow diverter the Forklift must be fitted with a
push button switch and control wire extending to the

This lifter is able to pick a single drum from a pallet of
4 without disturbing the other 3 drums. The standard
finish is painted enamel.

• Safe Working Load (SWL) 1000kg
• Unit Weight 180kg
• 130° Rotation
• Load Centre 1307.5mm
• Pocket Size 185 x 65
• Pocket Centres 874mm
Horizontal C of G 700mm

NOTE: Allow 2-3 weeks to manufacture unless in stock.

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Additional information

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