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Kromer Spring Balancer 0.3 – 1.5kg

$172.00 ex. GST

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Kromer Spring Balancer
Load Range: 0.3 – 1.5kg
Cable Travel: 1.6m
Dead Weight: 0.5kg

Spring Balancers (Retractors) with Automatic Retracting Function
Kromer Spring balancers (retractors) from Prolift keep tools readily suspended within easy reach of the fitter, thereby contributing to a tidy workplace as well. Kromer Spring balancers are designed so that the tool is automatically retracted to its initial position upon releasing it after use.
An automatic arresting mechanism (ratchet lock) is available in some models. It allows setting retraction stops to keep the load suspended at predefined positions. The stops are automatically activated if the working load (tool) is moved back slowly. If pushed back fast, the mechanism remains inactive.

The facts:

  • Housing made of impact- and abrasion-resistant plastic, reddish orange
  • Cable drum made of abrasion-resistant plastic
  • High-strength steel cable with elastic cable stop buffer and light-duty spring hook for load suspension
  • High-strength special suspension spring
  • Easy load setting
  • Infinitely adjustable cable stop buffer


  • Insulated suspension
  • Safety chain as a standard feature
  • Rigid housing
  • Fully assembled unit
  • Safety-tested (“GS” label)

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Additional information

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