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RS-IBC-1350 Spill Bin

$2,295.00 ex. GST

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Similar to the type SL-IBC Spill Bin, this unit provides a support frame which allows the IBC to be in a raised position, useful for decanting directly from the IBC, or allowing easy access for hose couplings to the drain valve. This unit is available in 2 different sizes to suit most IBC’s on the market.

All type RS-IBC Spill Bins have a spill capacity of at least 110% of the IBC holding capacity in accordance with Australian Standards, being classified as “portable” units.


* Safe Working Load: 2000kg
* Additional support tray also supplied.
* Finish is Galvanised.

NOTE: Allow 1-2 weeks to manufacture unless in stock.

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Additional information

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