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Zero Gravity Balancer 75.0 – 90.0kg

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Kromer Zero Gravity Balancers with Fall Protection Device as standard.

Load Range: 75.0 – 90.0kg
Cable Travel: 2.0m
Dead Weight: 19.7kg

Zero gravity balancers from Prolift keep your load reliably and safely suspended at any height. You just pull the suspended tool to the position of your choice and release it. As no retraction force acts upon the tool, these balancers are ideal for delicate, high-precision tasks.

A particularly innovative development of the Kromer zero gravity balancer is the double-cable balancer model 7248. In addition to enhanced wear protection, the second cable functions as an integrated fall protection device in the event of cable breakage: Should one cable fail, the working load is immediately held by the second cable. This genuine feature ensures the uncommonly high durability and increased safety of these zero gravity balancers.

Just like the spring balancers (retractors), zero gravity balancers are optionally available with a ratchet lock allowing you to arrest the retracting load at predefined positions. The arresting mechanism is automatically triggered if the load is moved back slowly. Fast retraction, in contrast, leaves the ratchet lock inactive.

All zero gravity balancers have been life-tested and satisfy the DIN 15112 requirements. They also comply with the EC legislation on CE-marking and bear the “GS” mark as a safety-tested product.

The facts:

  • Heavy-duty balancer with load ranges between 12.0 and 100.0 kg More
  • Optionally with or without manual drum lock
  • Maximum cable extension: 2.0 m (longer cable available on request)
  • Safety suspension hook, freely rotatable and swiveling; lockable
  • Housing and housing cover made of high-strength, die-cast aluminum
  • Cable drum made of high-strength, die-cast aluminum
  • High-strength steel cable with elastic cable stop buffer. The cable is continuously adjustable in length via a cable wedge. The lift or working range can be continuously adjusted (reduced) via a cable clamp.
  • High-strength special suspension spring, encapsulated and riveted
  • Ball bearings, closed on both sides


  • Safety expansion chain as standard fall protection device
  • Spring fracture safeguard as standard feature
  • Overload protection due to cable extension limit stop
  • Integrated drum lock
  • Ferrule for securing cable end (included in normal delivery)
  • Freewheel device for protection against handling errors
  • Very rigid and highly impact-resistant aluminum housing
  • Safety suspension hook, freely rotatable and swiveling
  • Screw-type spring hook for load suspension
  • Safety-tested (“GS” label)

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