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Crane Goods Cage CSPN-01A

$1,380.00 ex. GST

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The CSPN-01A CRANE GOODS CAGE is available fully assembled. Designed to convey loose or palleted goods using either a forklift or crane. The full width gate allows 1200mm square pallets to be placed inside the cage if required. Overall dimensions are 1350mm square and 1153mm high with a gate opening of 1250mm. Stacking feet underneath allow the cages to be stacked on top of each other – 3 high when empty, 2 high when full.


  • 4 point lift
  • Lift capacity 1000kg
  • Unit Weight 175kg
  • Stackable
  • Zinc Plated Finish
  • Chains not included


  • Lead times may apply unless in stock.

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Additional information

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