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DL 1000 Drum Lifter

$1,830.00 ex. GST

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The type DL1000 Drum Lifter would be considered the safest Drum Lifter available. This unit ensures 205
litre steel Drums are moved with 100% security. The Drum is quickly clamped into the support via the dual
Chain Belly Strap & eccentric lock. A further safety catch prevents accidental release.


  • Safe Working Load (SWL) 1000kg
  • Load Centre 1160mm nominal
  • Unit Weight 60kg
  • Pocket Size 165 x 65mm
  • Pocket Centres 335mm
  • HCG 710mm
  • VCG -25mm

NOTE: Allow 1-2 weeks to manufacture unless in stock.

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Additional information

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