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500kg (MAX) Extendable

$2,490.00 ex. GST

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The simple design of this crane means it is easy to assemble and can be fitted almost anywhere including Jetties, ute’s, trailers and a wide variety of fixed platforms. To raise the load simply wind the handle. To lower the load wind the handle in the reverse direction. The winch incorporates a load friction brake which is automatically activated when the handle is released keeping the load safety in position at all times.

Crane is fitted with a 360º mechanical slew by means of a worm drive gear. This eliminates the danger of the boom swinging out of control when the load is being lifted or lowered. The boom can only be rotated by operating the slew control handle.

Jib arm complete with winch assembly can be quickly and easily removed if required.


  • Extendable Boom
  • Powder coat finish
  • Base Plate mounting
  • Adjustable Height Angle
  • Maximum 500 kg Load Capacity
  • Heavy Duty design to Australian Standards
  • 360º Mechanical Slewing by means of worm drive gear
  • Manual Winch incorporating a load friction brake automatically activated when handle is released.


  • Gear Ratio 10:1
  • Powder Coat finish
  • Overall weight – 100kg
  • Base Plate 450mm x 450mm
  • Tested & Complies to AS1418.2
  • 7.5m (GAL) cable with snap hook
  • Jib arm in horizontal position at full retraction, O/A length = 1600mm
  • Jib arm in horizontal position at full extension, O/A length  = 2100mm


  • White – Powder coat finish
  • 7.5m Firbre Rope with snap hook

NOTE: Crane is NOT suitable for lifting or lowering of people.

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Additional information

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